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What makes a good real estate agent depends on what a buyer or seller is trying to do with their transaction. Although the ingredients for a good real estate agent are fairly universal. You want a realtor that will have your back with eyes fixed on the prize. The good real estate agent is loyal to all ends, has a working understanding of the communities they serve and the properties they buy and sell. A well-rounded agent is able to talk shop with their clients in most if not all areas of investing, home ownership from legal, marketing, financing, design, construction and renovation.

For an agent to best serve your needs the lines of communication must be mutually open. As the real estate market is usually a time sensitive market, you want to have an agent that answers your phone calls or returns your calls promptly. What seems like insignificant information to an agent or a client can mean all the world to their counterpart, and that is why Gabe Sedillo strives to relay all information to his clients, no matter what how he assesses it. Want to see how The Humble Abode/ Real Estate Pros communicate? Give us a call at (505) 215-9550 When your real estate agent has a deeper understanding of the local area, your house or home search is taken to the next level. Not only will that agent know of what is on the market, he or she will also have a better understanding of the value to a property. It is one thing to take the pulse of a housing market yet is another to have watched the same market develop and grow over the span of years. Intuitive real estate agents, like Gabe Sedillo will not only see property for what its worth now, they will also have a good idea of where that value is headed. In the business, we refer to this as the current-future balance.

Realtors in Farmington NM

We’ve said it before, but it bares repeating. Not all
realtors are created equal. So, what distinguishes a realtor amongst their
peers? Or better yet what is the difference between a realtor and a real estate
agent? Good questions read on.

To become a real estate agent in New Mexico, one must
complete 90 hours of real estate training and pass the New Mexico Associate
Broker Licensing Exam. Some state certified real estate agents then choose to
join the National Association of Realtors (NAR) earning them the title of
realtor. There are additional responsibilities to becoming a realtor rather
than a real estate agent. Primarily, to become a realtor one must agree to and
can be held to NAR’s code of ethics and standards of practice. The ethic code
is revised yearly to give NAR members, or realtor’s an up-to-date idea of their
ethical responsibilities. The core value to NAR’s ethics code is to, “treat all
parties honestly”. While real estate agents are also held to their own ethical
standards, many in the industry consider such standards to be laxer than NAR’s.

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Real Estate Agents in Farmington NM

Unsurprisingly, we believe anyone looking for real estate agents in Farmington NM will be best served working with the professionals at The Humble Abode Realty/ Real Estate Pros. But whether you choose us or not, here are some things smart clients will look for in a real estate agent or realtor.

Make sure whomever you choose is proactive about their role. Calling likely buyers, communicating closely with prospective and existing clients, and vigorously chasing leads are all hallmarks of a proactive agent. Another sure sign of a quality realtor or real estate agent is their ability to listen. This may seem rudimentary, but you would be surprised how many agents are “on to the next one” before truly hearing and understanding their clients needs. A good agent will cater to the ideal communicative means of their clients whether that be email, text, phone calls, or in person. Lastly, and probably most importantly, when searching for real estate agents in Farmington, NM look for the agents or realtors that can give you references for their last ten or fifteen clients. Testimonials go a long way in this industry, so make sure your agent or realtor can walk the talk. For some feedback on Gabe Sedillo’s services check out his customer reviews here (